What to Know When Choosing a Window Company

Mar 18, 2024

When considering upgrading your home, you can make plenty of investments to improve it. However, installing new windows is one of the best ideas thanks to cost savings from energy efficiency.

But finding a company you can trust to install your new windows can be tricky. There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a window company, and 1st Choice Windows and Siding wants to help educate you on everything you should know. Here are a few window company selection tips to get you started.

Choosing a Window Contractor

Selecting the right window company is all about what you’re seeking at the end of the day, but there are many things to consider before hiring a company. As Bill Nye used to say, consider the following:

Experience and Reputation

When you wonder how to choose a window company, your first consideration should be experience and reputation. Ideally, you want to hire experts in window installation with decades of experience. Experience can give you peace of mind when watching your windows get installed.

Reputation is also valuable, considering that a company’s reputation in home improvement can get them more jobs. It’s best to ask around when searching for a window company. Ask your neighbors who they’ve used in the past and if they would recommend them.

Product Quality and Selection

The quality of the windows offered by a company is paramount. Opt for a company that provides high-quality, energy-efficient windows that are durable and built to last. We can’t overstate the importance of energy efficiency. Many would-be window customers are missing out on saving valuable dollars regarding their choice of new windows.

Also, consider the available window styles, materials, and customization options. A reputable company should offer a wide selection to meet your needs and preferences. Do not find yourself involved with a company with only a few window types. No one deserves to be pigeonholed into choosing a window style because their chosen company doesn’t meet their needs.

Price and Value

Price and value are among the most vital questions for a window company. Before hiring a window company, you must discover a monthly payment you can afford or establish a number you can pay upfront. This is where the value of competition comes in.

Compare quotes from multiple companies to ensure you’re getting a fair price for the quality of products and services provided. However, beware of companies that offer significantly lower prices. You might be “getting a good deal,” but you may also be compromising product quality and installation too much. As much as 1st Choice loves repeat customers, we only wish to see you every few years for new windows instead of several times a year.

Credentials and Licenses

Verifying your window company is invaluable. You do not want to hire folks who don’t have the proper licenses or credentials to complete a window job. You might think taking a chance is wise, but your home deserves nothing but the best.

Verify that your company is licensed, insured, and certified by local, state, and federal governing boards. This ensures that the company meets industry standards and regulations. Ask for proof of credentials, and don’t hesitate to inquire about the company’s qualifications and certifications. These easy steps can prevent you from major headaches in the future. Trust us – you don’t want to hire someone who isn’t licensed and bonded. You want professionals.

Trust the Experts at 1st Choice

If it’s time to upgrade your home’s windows, 1st Choice Windows and Siding should be among your first phone calls. With our nearly endless selection of window choices, unbeatable prices, and decades of experience, we can give you the windows and installation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.