Spring Maintenance Tips for Denver Area Homeowners

Feb 20, 2024

Can you believe that springtime is just around the corner? As the snow melts and the temperatures warm up in Denver, Colorado, you may wonder if your home is ready. At 1st Choice Windows and Siding, homeowners have plenty of things to worry about as the seasons change.  

As winter rolls into spring, homeowners should already have a list of items to inspect, fix, or upgrade. Luckily, we have a couple of years’ worth of home improvement experience under our belts, so we know exactly where you should focus your energy. It’s time to tie on your tool belt and get to work with these spring maintenance tips! 

Preparing Your Home for Spring 

Getting ready for spring is not a complicated task, but it is wise to take an honest look at everything you may need to accomplish before the last bit of snow melts. Let’s dig in on the priorities.  

Step 1: A Visual Inspection 

When temperatures heat up, you’ll finally have the opportunity to look at your home’s exterior to see what may need to be done. This inspection will allow you to see if anything was damaged around your home and hidden under snowfall.  

Step 2: Gutter Inspection and Cleaning 

Look, we know it’s not fun for everyone, but inspecting and maintaining your gutters is one way to protect your home throughout the year. With the occasional spring showers in Denver, your gutters need cleaning to ensure proper water flow, prevent buildup, and help against potential damage to your home’s roof line and foundation.   

Step 3: Check Your Roof 

While you’re on the ladder cleaning out your gutters, it would be wise to check the roof for any shingle damage. That way, you’ll have a good idea if you need to call a roofing expert to help fix problems (or attempt to repair them on your own).  

Step 4: Inspect and Seal Windows and Doors 

Good news! You’re coming off the ladder. Head into each room of your home and inspect your windows. Lower temperatures mean window materials contract more, causing cracks in caulking. This will allow you to recaulk your windows to create a better seal as the temperatures heat up.  

The same goes for your doors. Any exterior doors that provide a barrier to the outside world may need this additional treatment or new weatherstripping. The goal is to ensure your home is adequately sealed. Any sealing issues will result in higher energy bills.  

Step 5: Check Your Siding 

Your home’s siding is the shield that protects the interior from all sorts of environmental issues. After several months of snowfall and colder temperatures, your siding needs some TLC. Inspect your siding to see if there has been any moisture penetration or damage because of the weather.  

On a warmer day, you’ll also want to grab a power washer and rinse your home. Head to your favorite home center and buy a cleaning solution to help wash away any mildew or dirt clinging to the siding.  

Bonus Step: Clean and Inspect Your Solar Panels  

Suppose you are one of the many Denver residents with solar panels. In that case, you’ll want to inspect your solar panels to ensure proper sun coverage, see any damage caused during the winter, and inspect any cabling.  

This is also your chance to clean your panels ahead of sunnier days. A clean panel will ensure you get every bit of the sun’s rays to power your home or garage.  

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Final Thoughts 

With spring on the horizon, 1st Choice Windows and Siding will help you prepare for brighter days. If your spring home maintenance checklist needs an expert, contact us today for any of your windows, siding, or solar panel needs. We’re ready to help!