8 Reasons to Install Wood Windows in Your Home

Mar 22, 2022

Whether you’ve considered replacement windows for your home or want to choose windows for a new construction, you may have a lot of choices to choose from. Some choices are based on aesthetics, while others focus on functionality.

The type of window framing you choose for your windows will determine their aesthetics and some aspects of functionality, including energy efficiency and insulation. If you’ve considered window frame options, wooden frames are a great choice for any home. Discover eight reasons to go for wooden windows.

1. Customization Options

Wooden window frames are customizable to fit any architectural style. Additionally, they may take on various shapes and sizes and offer various color choices. Wood windows may also use various wood types that you can shape or stain to your preference.

So whether you want rounded or square windows, a contemporary or historical look, wooden windows can fit your style specifications.

2. Aesthetics

Other frame styles try to mimic the beauty of wooden frames. But, while other frames are beautiful, none can match the natural beauty of wooden frames. Window frames have a natural elegance that looks good on any house. Due to their customizable flexibility, wooden windows can have carved intricate patterns and shapes to add to their beauty.

3. Energy Efficiency

Wood is naturally a bad heat conductor, which enhances its insulation properties. Therefore, you are assured of lower indoor temperatures during the hot summer months if you install wooden windows.

Wood windows are also more airtight than vinyl frames and thus do not let warm air escape from the house during colder months. You can minimize your heating and cooling costs by installing wooden windows.

4. Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is an essential window quality for people who live in noisy areas. Although wooden window frames will not completely block exterior noises, they offer excellent sound insulation. Combined with other window solutions that have good sound insulation properties, wooden window frames can help provide a quieter indoor atmosphere.

5. Durability

Wooden window frames may last for up to 60 years. They are also resistant to rust; thus, homeowners do not need to replace them frequently. With regular treatment, wooden frames may last longer than most window frames. Therefore, they are a cost-effective investment.

6. Environmental Friendliness

Wood windows are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. Wooden window frames require less energy during the production process and have lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to PVC frames. Additionally, trees are a renewable material, and because wood can decompose, your wooden window frames will have less of a risk of filling landfills at the end of their useful life.

7. Ease of Maintenance

Many buyers avoid wooden windows due to their maintenance requirements. But, you can easily maintain wood windows using a water-based sealant. Water-based sealants are long-lasting and endure even the harshest climates. They are also simple to apply and dry quickly.

Other types of sealant can resist temperature changes, make wood fungi-resistant, and increase its thermal resistance. You can also apply paint and varnish on your wooden window frames to maintain their weather resistance. Therefore, you can easily maintain your wooden windows by treating them regularly with sealant, paint, and varnish.

8. Timelessness

Wooden window frames never go out of style. That is why antique wooden window frames are still in demand. Therefore, you can be sure that your windows’ appeal will remain even after decades of use if they have wooden window frames.

If you want a window frame option that will give you your money’s worth, look no further than wood windows. With their increased energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal, wood windows are a good investment. Contact us today for wooden window options for your home.