Why Hire a Vinyl Siding Professional?

Jul 07, 2022

Vinyl siding has multiple benefits, such as being easy to maintain, weatherproof, and fade-resistant. While vinyl is an excellent material for your siding, DIY installation is not a suitable option.

A professional vinyl installation is a worthwhile option because of the following reasons.

Preserves Your House’s Resale Value

Vinyl siding has several benefits, and if you add it to your house, the value of your house increases. A home with vinyl siding should fetch a reasonable price if you decide to sell the house. If, however, the siding is not done correctly or if an inspector spots mistakes on your siding, you might not fetch a good price for your house.

A professional siding contractor has the right expertise and tools to install your vinyl siding properly and add to the house’s curb appeal. A home with a good curb appeal should get you more profit if you decide to sell.

Saves You Time and Money

If you decide to do a DIY vinyl siding installation, you need basic information on how to do the installation. You might look up a few online videos or articles on installing your vinyl siding. Learning how to install your siding from the videos and articles might take time. You might need to get the right tools to install the siding.

If you are a complete newbie, you will likely make mistakes and ruin the vinyl siding material. In the long run, you waste your time and money and probably do not have any success with the installation.

A professional has the right tools, expertise, and experience to install your vinyl siding, saving you time and money.

Comes With Warranties, Licenses, and Insurance

You can void your vinyl siding warranty if you wrongly execute the installation. Your manufacturers cannot honor warranties for products you install without the proper certifications. You, therefore, have to cater for the repairs and any other damage you do.

If you decide to go DIY on the siding installation, you must apply for permits, which involve lots of paperwork. The vinyl installation also needs to adhere to local building codes. If you install your vinyl siding without the proper licenses, you can attract fines and penalties that add to your overall costs.

With a professional and certified contractor, you avoid voiding manufacturers’ warranties. Most contractors also have insurance coverage. Insurance coverage saves you the trouble and cost of having to cater for damages and any injuries that may occur during the installation of the vinyl siding.

Professional vinyl siding companies also save you the legwork of applying for permits.

Offers Convenience and Professional Advice

A professional contractor will explain the different types of vinyl siding, such as Dutch lap siding, vertical siding, and scalloped siding. You also can understand the pros and cons of each type, so you make an informed decision on which type to use on your house.

Professionals also have contacts from where you can get anything you need to install your vinyl siding. You probably will not have to do much, as the contractor will fetch everything and bring in some extra hands to help with the installation process.

Vinyl siding installations are a bit technical that you need proper training to execute. At 1st Choice Windows & Siding, we have what it takes to ensure your vinyl siding serves you in the best way and longest time possible. Contact us today for a quote. We will happily go over any questions or concerns you have and help you have the best vinyl siding for your home. Let us know what you want for your home’s siding