7 Tips to Take Care of Your Glass Windows

Nov 22, 2022

Windows are an essential component of your house. High-quality windows will bring in natural light while keeping out the weather elements. If you want your windows to keepwindow care functioning at the optimum level and last a long time, perform regular maintenance and care. This blog post discusses tips to maintain and care for your windows.

1. Organize an Annual Window Inspection

Window checkups are an essential component of proper window maintenance. Organize window checkups at least once every year, during which an expert examines the windows. The expert will be on the lookout for the following imperfections:

    •  Leaks in the windows
    •  Cracks on the material or paint
    •  Breaks on the sliding sashes or cranks
    •  Improper drainage in vents near the windows

You can do the inspection immediately after a storm, particularly if you believe hail damaged the windows.

2. Check the Caulking Around Windows

Caulking or sealants around the windows helps to keep the windows watertight. When the caulking becomes cracked and broken, the window might start to leak water. Therefore, regularly inspect the window caulking, especially at the bottom corners, for any damage.

3. Keep Them Clean

window careUse a soft cloth to wash the windows whenever you notice any dirt or grim. Start with a soft dry cloth to get rid of any debris on the windows. Then, spray all sections of your windows with a detergent for the specific type of window. Remember to spray in a circular motion but don’t use excessive force.

If you have a double-hung window, tilt it to wash the exterior surfaces quickly. The manufacturer’s manual may also contain specific instructions on how to wash all parts of the windows. For example, some manufacturers may recommend removing grilles before cleaning. Another option is to call a professional window cleaner to help you.


4. Lubricate Tracks

Dust and insects can accumulate in the window tracks and cause problems. When the accumulation becomes too much, you may be unable to close or open your window. Fortunately, you just have to clean windows and then lubricate the window tracks every few months to improve the opening and closing. While many lubricants can do the job, some homeowners prefer silicone-based lubricants.

5. Repaint Wooden Frames

A fresh coat of paint can boost the window’s appearance and functionality. The paint will provide an extra layer of protection for the windows and block moisture infiltration. If you want to do the repainting yourself, you’ll need a brush and paint. Also, always do the repainting whenever you notice any exposed frame surface.

6. Control the Home’s Humidityfoggy home window

High humidity within the house can cause the windows to fog up. If the fog finds its way into the frame or windowsill, mildew and mold may start to grow. If fog appears on your windows, do the following things to control humidity inside the house:

  •  Keep the window slightly open.
  •  Put a fan near the window.
  •  Relocate any plants near the window since plants can lead to condensation.

Fog on windows may also be an indication of insulation problems, especially if the fog appears during warm weather. This problem may require a complete replacement of the window

7. Do Regular Repairs

window repairRepair a window as soon as you notice any damage. Quick repairs prevent additional damage and guarantee optimum window functionality. For example, you should immediately replace broken glass and repair damaged frames. Other common repairs include fixing loose sections and sealing any cracks.

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