Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

May 04, 2022

The choice to replace or repair your window depends on the problem at hand and its severity. A repair to a window that needs to be replaced is a temporary fix that may result in more expensive measures later. Compare the overall cost of repairing your window to the replacement cost. A replacement might be expensive, but your windows will be stronger and you can save money on constant repairs.

Here are some signs that will help you decide whether a replacement or repair service is the best choice.

When to Opt for Repairs

Repairs will be a viable option in the following situations.

Broken Glass

Broken glass doesn’t necessarily require the replacement of the entire window. If only a few panes are broken due to an accident, then replacing the broken windowpanes is a viable solution. If, however, the glass panes are broken due to an alignment issue, consider replacing the entire window.

Aged Appearance

Aged appearances such as dull panes or peeling paint require a quick and simple fix. Replace the dull-looking panes and repaint the frame to immediately improve the general appearance of your windows.

Wear and Tear

The exterior part of the window is exposed to harsh weather conditions, which lead to deterioration. If the integrity of the entire window is not compromised, a repair will suffice. A good expert can fix the worn-out parts and make your window look brand-new.

Opening and Closing Issues

With age and frequent use, opening and closing windows can become difficult. Windows might be hard to open and close when their hinges are rusty, or when there is debris in the window tracks. Cleaning and greasing the movable parts will easily solve the issue.

When to Replace Your Windows

If your window shows the following signs of damage, consider replacing it.

Rotten Wood

When your window has been exposed to water and humidity for a long time, the wood tends to rot. Rotten wood can easily compromise the integrity of your window and requires an immediate replacement.

Incorrect Window Installment

Windows that do not fit properly are ineffective in their function. A simple repair for ill-fitted windows may not be effective and lead to eventual replacement anyway. If your window leaks rainwater or you notice excessive cold air drafting into your home, a window replacement is a better solution than repairs.

Incorrect window installment can increase tension on the window and cause the glass to break repeatedly. Instead of replacing window panes now and then, have the entire window replaced as it is cheaper.


While some issues from aging can be solved with a quick repair, severe problems opening and closing the window can develop over time. The window also loses its aesthetic value with age. The cost to repair an old window may be more than a replacement. To save on the cost of frequent repairs, have a new window installed.

Regulation Compliance

Building regulations might require you to replace your windows if the presently installed windows do not comply with the regulations. If your inspector requires you to replace your windows, repairs are not sufficient to maintain compliance.


A benefit to quality windows on your house is improved security. When your windows can no longer offer the security you need, replacing the windows might be necessary. Have a chat with an expert and find out what window types would offer you the security level you need.

When you notice the signs discussed in this piece, get an expert’s advice on whether to repair or replace the windows before deciding.

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