Should You Install a Bay Window in Your Living Room?

Oct 18, 2021

Is a bay window the right replacement choice for your living room? Do you have a major home remodeling project in the works? Along with new flooring and upgrades to the electric system, do you also want to make changes to the windows? If you’ve considered a bay replacement in your living room, take a look at what you need to know about this type of window.

What Are Bay Windows?

A bay window is a multi-sectioned style with a larger, or picture, window in the center. Additional windows are on each side of the center piece. This design sticks out from the exterior wall of the house, creating a three-dimensional design. Bow windows are similar to bays. But this style has a curve, or bow, shape.

Some bay windows have a built-in seat that looks like an extended edge under the glass and frame. Other bay styles have a smaller shelf-like sill or partial walls underneath.

Why Choose a Bay Window for a Living Room?

This type of window provides a panoramic view from your home’s central living space. It is ideal if your home has a picturesque yard or other natural space to look out on to. Even if you don’t have a wide-open tree-lined exterior area, a spacious seascape, or another aesthetic to spotlight outside of the living room, you may still want a bay window.

This option lets in more light than a single pane of glass. The extra light can open up a smaller space or make a shaded room appear bright. Instead of filling the living room with electricity-zapping lamps and built-in lighting, you can turn down the dimmer and use a bay window to create a natural look.

A bay window can also add extra space to your living room. If the room needs more square footage, this type of window is an easier (and typically more cost-effective) option than a full structural addition.

Should You Add a Window Seat?

Again, some bay windows have seats under the glass — while others have ledges or partial walls. A wide ledge or wall style may have the right look for a bathroom, dining room, or kitchen. But a window seat is an option to seriously consider for your living room renovation.

A window seat bay adds extra space for you, household members, or guests to sit. Along with added seating, this style can help you to create a cozy reading or book nook or a fireside area to nap.

Why Shouldn’t You Add a Window Seat?

Even though a bay window seat is a common living room addition, it isn’t your only choice. If the ledge is too small to add a full cushion, you already have plenty of seating, the window’s position in the room would create an awkward seat, other furniture would block the seat, you have a radiator under the window, or you just don’t like the look of window seats, you can still install a bay replacement.

Instead of a cushion-covered window seat, use the bay’s ledge to display knickknacks, framed photos, or artwork. You can also use this oversized ledge as a bookshelf.

Can You Replace Any Window With a Bay Style?

A few factors can impact the answer to this question. The decision to replace a non-bay or non-bow window with this style depends on the existing window space and size of the wall.

A bay window has three components. The specific dimensions of each part of this window can vary. But you will need enough space to fit a picture window and two side pieces of glass. If the room only has slim double-hung windows, you may need to make major renovations to add a bay.

Even if you want to make major renovations, you may not have the space. If the window won’t fit on the exterior wall, talk to a contractor about other replacement options. A plain picture window or custom design may work better in your smaller-sized living room.

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