The Role of Windows in Home Security 

Jan 10, 2024

Believe it or not, windows can do more than help control the environment in your home. Windows used to be sold as a way to significantly increase the level of safety and security of a home.  

However, the world has slowly changed to focus on the tremendous cost savings from investing in new windows thanks to greater energy efficiency. While that is a welcome point to make, windows still provide greater levels of security for homeowners. But what is the role of windows in home security these days?  

Types of Windows and Their Security Vulnerabilities 

There are many types of windows, and each provides a different level of security features. Let’s go over a few of the most common window varieties.  

Fixed Windows 

Fixed windows provide homeowners with a fully sealed window to increase their energy efficiency. These windows do not open, so they have built-in security benefits.  

However, fixed windows can be compromised as easily as any other window type. A windowpane can be broken, letting any criminal inside your home. 

Double-Hung Windows 

Double-hung windows are among the most common of window varieties. As a result, many thieves and burglars can easily access homes because of the commonality of these windows. Double-hung windows can also be opened from both sashes, making them more vulnerable.  

However, double-hung windows provide reinforced locks and limit stops to prevent forced break-ins.  

Casement Windows 

Casement windows offer excellent ventilation but come with security considerations. Their vulnerable point lies in exterior hinges, which intruders can exploit. However, their hook-shaped locks and reinforced frames provide added security. Upgrading locks or adding window bars further fortifies against forced entry. Proper maintenance and attention to these vulnerabilities ensure these windows maintain their functionality and have a better level of security. 

Awning Windows 

Awning windows offer a unique way of opening that turns a sash into better protection from nature. You may think the limited opening capabilities may keep intruders at bay, but that’s not the case. Weak locks can compromise their security. Strengthening the locks and reinforcing frames provide added protection.  

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows, while convenient, present notable security issues due to their locks and easy accessibility. Intruders exploit these flaws easily. You’ll need to invest in better locks and enhanced security features like bars or pins to prevent easy access to your home. Reinforcing tracks and frames also strengthen their resistance. Addressing these vulnerabilities ensures sliding windows provide comfort without compromising home security. 

Additional Window Security Features 

You can have greater control over the security of your windows by investing in additional security features. These items can be affordable to give you greater peace of mind if you are concerned about break-ins.  

  • Security bars or grills: Bars or grills on your windows can reinforce them against forced entry while keeping ventilation intact. 
  • Window security film: This transparent, shatter-resistant film can increase a window’s resistance to break-ins. It is also easy to install.  
  • Reinforced glass: Tempered or laminated glass is more impact-resistant and less prone to breakage. You’ll be adding a layer of security with reinforced glass. 
  • Window sensors: Home security companies have made window sensors an affordable part of any security system. These sensors can trigger alarms via window breakage or forcefully opened windows.  
  • Keyed locks or latches: Additional latches or locks can add more security to your windows beyond the standard of what’s already installed.  

Trust 1st Choice with Your Window Needs 

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