How to Choose the Perfect Glass Patio Doors

Nov 18, 2020

Glass patio doors are perfect for any home with an outdoor living space. They function both as doors and windows, allowing people to move between spaces and letting ample light into the house. With so much to offer, almost all patio doors have large glass panels.

Whenever you purchase doors or windows for your home, you have many options. In the case of glass patio doors, you have to treat them like both doors and windows. This blog post will teach you how to choose doors that fit your home and your lifestyle beautifully.

Door Style

Most glass patio doors take up at least the space of two standard exterior doors. With so much space to work with, door designers prioritize utility when creating new doors. You can generally find two door styles: sliding and swinging.

Sliding doors are great for anyone who wants to maximize the space around their doors. If you dream of putting outdoor furniture near your patio doors, sliding doors won’t get in the way of your design ideas. Typically, only one side of a sliding door can open at a time, and one side might be permanently fixed in place.

Swinging patio doors, also called French doors, are composed of two doors that both swing outward. These doors are classically designed, and some homeowners value them just for their French architectural style. Since these doors swing, they can interfere with furniture placement on a small patio, but they also allow for the movement of large furniture pieces into and out of a home.

Cladding Material

Just like windows, glass patio doors have durable materials that keep their glass panes securely in place and allow for important hardware. When you choose your patio doors, you will also need to choose the material they are clad in.

Wood cladding is a classic choice, and its beauty draws in many homeowners. It is somewhat expensive, and it requires some maintenance. Since your doors will have exposure to the elements, make sure you protect them with fresh coats of varnish or stain as directed by the manufacturer.

Vinyl cladding is a modern and economical choice. It requires very little maintenance, and it is typically the least expensive cladding option. Vinyl may come in several colors, but most homeowners choose white.

Fiberglass cladding is highly prized in the window and door industry. Although it is the most expensive cladding option, it is also the most durable and least maintenance-intensive option, too. If you can afford fiberglass-clad patio doors, you should definitely consider installing them.

Extra Features

Although you have the option of simple glass patio doors, you can also add extra features in your initial design that will improve your home and living experience. The following accessories can go on almost any set of glass patio doors during initial construction.

First, many homeowners struggle to control the light that comes in through their patio doors. Traditional window treatments can get in the way of a patio door’s function, but manufacturers have a simple solution: built-in blinds. These window treatments fit perfectly between the two panes of glass that make modern glass doors energy-efficient. Unlike traditional mini-blinds, these blinds can never tangle or bend.

Second, all patio doors can be customized to look like traditional windows with plastic or wood grills. These design elements recreate the look of traditional window panes over energy-efficient windows or glass doors. If the rest of the windows on your home have this classic window style, your sliding door can be designed to match them perfectly.

Third, you can add doggie doors to allow easy outdoor access for your furry family members. Instead of losing space by incorpating doggie doors later or cutting into the wall, add them now to incorporate them seamlessly into the design.

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