Create Your Indoor/Outdoor Hybrid Kitchen

Jul 08, 2020

Whether you are cooking alone or entertaining guests, you don’t want to be stuck inside your kitchen on a beautiful summer day — unless your kitchen is an indoor/outdoor hybrid kitchen!

You do not need a dedicated outdoor kitchen to feel like you are cooking outdoors or to access kitchen amenities while relaxing outside. For a comparatively minimal cost, you can choose from several clever configurations of windows and doors to connect your existing indoor kitchen to your outdoor space, bringing the best of both worlds together.

Window Designs for Your Hybrid Kitchen

Windows already partially open your house to the outdoors, letting in light, views, and breezes. You can take this effect to the next level with these kitchen window ideas.

Enlarge Your Window Opening

A larger window will automatically create a better connection between your kitchen and the outdoors. Work with your contractor to evaluate how much you can expand your window. Your contractor can also integrate the opening with your existing siding and trim.

Install a Non-Obstructive Window

Choose a window model that opens more completely than standard windows:

  • Casement. These traditional windows pivot open with hinge mechanisms. Some models can open fully, like shutters.
  • Gas strut. A single pane of glass that opens like an awning on pistons or struts. It gives an unobstructed view when closed and opens completely up and out of the way.
  • Bifold. Designed to fold away completely, bifold options are available in large sizes and can service sizable window openings.

Add a Window Counter or Bar

Add a counter outside at the windowsill to automatically connect your spaces. You can also incorporate seating at your bar, so outdoor guests can chat with you while you cook. Additionally, this counter can function as a buffet. Serve food and drinks directly from the kitchen onto your bar.

If your sink is at the window, you could install a faucet that can pivot and be accessed on both sides of the opening. You can even place a sink basin on the outdoor side. With this design, your indoor sink would do double-duty for handwashing, cleaning, and filling containers and drinks.

Door Designs for Your Hybrid Kitchen

Large, non-obstructive windows can improve the kitchen and outdoor entertaining flow. But innovative door design can also completely renovate your space and virtually eliminate any indoor to outdoor disconnect.

Enlarge Your Door Opening

Consider the effect of removing entire sections of your exterior kitchen walls. This change can bring the outdoors in and also create a homey feel outside. If your kitchen is configured to allow this bold change, transform those opaque walls into walls of glass.

During inclement weather, glass doors still allow protection from the elements; you’ll be able to bring your dinner party inside and still maintain that outdoor feel. High-quality glass doors will also offer insulation from heat, cold, and sound while expanding your view throughout the seasons, open or closed.

Install Innovative Exterior Doors

You can also enlarge or add door openings to fit new doors. When the weather is perfect and you want to transport your kitchen outdoors, simply open those doors! Achieve this indoor/outdoor kitchen feel through several door design choices:

  • French. French double-door sets hinge open from each side to create a central opening. This is a beautiful design choice for homes with traditional architecture.
  • Sliding. Sliding doors have multiple slide configuration options, with and without screens. Combine several door sets for a window wall look. Sliders are great for areas with high wind.
  • Bifold. These door panels fold completely out of the way, like their window counterparts. They make walls almost disappear.
  • Pivoting. Glass pivot doors can swing 360 degrees and instantly reconfigure your space.
  • Sliding Barn. Hung on a slider system, barn doors can slide out of the way and create large openings.

Evaluate your space and choose an option that works for your home. Use either windows or glass doors, or a unique combination of both, and transform your kitchen into an outdoor kitchen.

Create your dream hybrid kitchen plan with our help at 1st Choice Windows & Siding. Contact us today to find the perfect windows or doors for your renovation project.