Battle of the Panes: Double Vs. Triple Window Panes

Sep 02, 2021

If you plan to install new windows in your home, you have many options at your disposal. However, you must carefully think through every option before you decide which one to go with. Whatever your reason for replacing your windows, you can cut your work in more than half when you differentiate between double and triple-window panes and choose a professional window installer to do the job for you.

What is the difference between double- and triple-pane windows, and which one is best for you?

Energy Efficiency

Windows play a critical role in temperature regulation during the different seasons of the year. The extra layer of glass in triple-pane windows makes them more energy-efficient than double-pane windows. This feature makes triple-pane windows highly suitable for areas that experience long cold seasons due to the window’s high thermal resistance.

On the other hand, a double-pane window will do for an average homeowner who just needs some level of insulation in their home. Double-pane windows are perfect for warm areas where winter weather is not so harsh.

Noise Reduction

If you can’t stand noise around your home anymore, you can find rescue in a window with soundproof properties. No significant difference exists between the double and triple pane windows for noise cancellation. So if your highest priority is to reduce noise, any windowpanes will get the job done.

What, however, largely determines noise cancellation is the window glass. The laminated glass is well-known for its high soundproof features.

Window Security

Regardless of the neighborhood you live in, windows help reinforce the home security. Double-pane windows are hard for burglars to smash and gain entry due to the two layers of glass.

The extra glass makes a triple-pane window even safer than a double-pane window. Plus, triple-pane windows are heavy and hard to break through, thus more effective against intruders.

Cost of Panes

Generally, you will pay more for a triple-pane window than a double-pane window. Although triple-pane windows are energy-efficient and reduce energy bills in your home, many years may pass before you recoup your investment. So install triple-pane windows in your permanent residence or a home that you do not plan to move out of soon.

If waiting for your investment to pay off is not an option, then a double-pane window is an ideal choice. You still get to enjoy insulation in your home without breaking the bank.

Pane Installation

Most average windows can fit a double-pane window, so adjustments are not necessary. The installer only needs to fix the window into place properly.

Triple-pane windows are often larger, and you might need to adjust your window to make room for the extra pane. Your home must also be strong enough to handle the triple-pane window’s weight. Generally, a triple-pane window takes more effort to install than a double-pane window.

So how do you choose the right window pane? If your location experiences a warm climate, a double-pane window is ideal. However, if extreme and fluctuating temperatures are the norm in your area, a triple-pane window is the right pick. In addition, triple-pane windows help improve the value of your home. This feature is a huge selling point if you plan to sell your home someday.

Still not decided whether to choose a double-pane or a triple-pane window?  Contact 1st Choice Windows & Siding for expert guidance and installation. Other than selling windows in many sizes and shapes, we can make them to meet your requirements; and with so many years of experience under our sleeves, we definitely know a thing or two about windows. Reach out to us today to learn more.