6 Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Windows

Feb 03, 2022

Your windows may look okay from afar, but telltale signs can signify the need for a replacement. Damaged and run-down windows are not only uncomfortable, but they pose a security risk to your family. Replacing windows also increases the comfort of your home.

However, some signs of window distress are not so obvious and may result in more significant problems. Discover some of the signs to check out to tell whether your windows need replacement.

1. Visible Damage

Your windows frequently encounter elements like harmful UV rays, low temperatures, and harsh wind and rain. As a result, they are bound to wear out with time. If you notice visible signs like cracks, warping, mold, and water damage, then bid goodbye to your old windows.

Your windows should provide airflow, light, and ventilation. If, for any reason, they stop serving their purpose effectively, get a new set of windows.

2. High Energy Bills

Inefficient, old, or drafty windows can increase heating and cooling bills. In addition, if the heat escaping from your home is more than usual, your central heating system will have to compensate for the lost heat. To reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows, update or replace them.

If the areas around your windows feel way cooler than the rest of the house or the glass is too cold, you probably spend more energy than you should. Also, single-paned windows tend to be more vulnerable. So, invest in double-paned windows to reduce heat loss.

3. Drafty Windows

If you feel a cold breeze coming in through your window frames or hear a whistling sound even when they are closed, those are indicators that you likely have drafty windows. You might have light shining in through the frames in more severe cases.

If your locks don’t work correctly or your window doesn’t shut correctly, you will likely end up with drafts. Failure to replace not only results in an increase in energy use but also poses a security threat.

4. Unusual Condensation

Not all condensation on your windows means that you need a replacement. In most cases, you will observe condensation when warm air from inside your house meets cold air from outside. However, if the condensed vapor appears between the two glass panes, then your window seals have likely failed. Therefore, replace the windows before they become leaky.

Unusual condensation happens frequently and causes frost to appear. Also, if you have cracked window glass, the cracks provide extra spots for air leakage in and out of your house.

5. Considerable Noise

If you hear noise from outside, even if you have shut your window, your windows don’t have enough insulation. In addition, the noise is bothersome if you live next to a busy street and may impact the quality of your life.

If you want a noise-free and peaceful life, replacement is the way to go. Double- and triple-pane glass windows with argon gas can significantly reduce noise from outside. Energy-efficient windows also absorb noise from outside to keep your home quiet and comfy.

6. Difficult Operation

Operating windows shouldn’t require force and pressure. Instead, your windows should open quickly and straightforwardly. A window that is hard to open, close, or lock can become frustrating. Also, this could be a sign of a significant underlying issue like foundation problems.

Old windows tend to experience balance issues like jamming and sticking. If you experience such, your windows are likely nearing the end of their service time. However, do not ignore windows that are difficult to operate, as they may be a significant escape route during emergencies.

Replacing windows can save you money, improve your curb appearance, and increase your home value. For professional and quality replacement services, contact us today. We offer customized orders to meet your needs and desires.