4 Ways to Elevate the Façade of Your House

Nov 14, 2019

Curb appeal has always been the goal for homeowners. When your house has curb appeal, it not only reflects well on you, it improves your home’s value. Neighbors also appreciate the effort because your house can impact their house’s value. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate looking at beauty? If you’re ready to elevate your home’s façade, consider the following improvements.

  1. Choose New Siding

Your house’s siding has one of the biggest impacts on how your home looks. If the siding is faded, warped, or otherwise in disrepair, those issues will reflect poorly on your house no matter what other improvements you make. So, if your house needs a facelift, the siding may be the first area to attend to.

When choosing new siding, you’ll want to consider several things. The material is a key choice. Many homeowners prize wood, but it comes with a lot of upkeep. Aluminum is a good budget alternative, but it also requires some maintenance. The lowest-maintenance material is vinyl.

The other major consideration is color, especially when choosing vinyl siding because you can’t paint it. You can always go with a neutral-like white or beige. However, don’t be afraid to get a little more creative, as long as it fits in with your home’s architecture and neighborhood.

  1. Add Stone or Brick Veneer

If you already have vinyl siding, you may think you don’t need to add to your home’s siding situation. And you don’t necessarily have to. However, you can augment many home styles with a pony wall of stone or brick veneer.

A pony wall is a building term used for half or partial walls. You can turn this idea into a decorative one with a stone or brick veneer as trim. The contractors will apply the veneer on the bottom portion of your house’s façade, typically with horizontal trim to delineate the two areas.

This effect is ideal for most traditional or historical styles of houses. For example, Tudor homes frequently feature such a veneer. You can also make the effect work with modern houses if you choose a streamlined look. For example, an austere wall of red brick against dark siding could look very modern.

  1. Install New Window Casings

You don’t necessarily need to replace all your windows for them to make a positive impact during your exterior remodel. Replacing the casings is sufficient for aesthetic purposes. The casings are the moldings that frame the windows and help block air from transferring through the window seams.

Window casings also have a big impact on the appearance of the whole window, so much so they can give the impression that you have new windows. If you just want to freshen up your existing look, consider replacing old, worn-out casings with the same model.

However, you can also update your house’s façade with high-profile casings. These casings offer the most customization options. They can even get quite elaborate. Adhere to the design style of your home, though, because not all architecture styles support elaborate casings.

  1. Pick a Fresh Front Door

The front door is a relatively small portion of your house’s façade. However, it also has the opportunity to make a big impact. It is, after all, the literal entryway into your home.

As with siding, one of the main choices you’ll make is in material. Wood is the most popular material, with most wooden doors featuring wood veneers over an engineer-wood core. Steel is popular when security and durability are prime motivating factors. Aluminum is a good bet if you want to customize your door. If you don’t want any door maintenance, look into fiberglass.

Also as with siding, the other big consideration is color. However, you have a lot more leeway for bold or bright colors because the door is much smaller. Colors such as red, eggplant, fuchsia, and lime have become popular in recent years. Many homeowners like the idea of their front door being a beacon in the neighborhood.

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