4 Benefits of Window Replacement

Feb 22, 2022

Are you thinking of improving the aesthetic appeal of your home overall but haven’t thought about including windows in that update? Perhaps you want to increase your home’s value as you consider selling your home in the future. Or maybe your home is no longer a peaceful sanctuary due to traffic or construction site noise in your area, and you want to reduce the noise pollution.

Regardless of your motivation, a window replacement project can help achieve the intended results in looks, functionality and energy efficiency.  Resolve your high energy bills, leaky/broken windows, decaying frames, outdated style, or difficulty to operate windows over time, a window replacement can solve multiple issues you may be experiencing in your home.

Did you know that replacing your outdated windows will improve not only the curb appeal but also the comfort, security, and functionality of your home? If you’re not sure whether to replace your windows, read more to learn four benefits of window replacement.

1. Lower Energy Bills

One of the ultimate benefits of window replacement is reduction in your energy costs. Today, windows are designed to improve a home’s energy efficiency through increased insulation. Modern, energy-efficient windows prevent cooled or heated air from your home’s interior from escaping.

With proper room temperatures maintained in your home, the furnace and air conditioner won’t overwork. This saves you money due to lower heating and cooling bills.

If you’ve noticed high utility bills during the summer due to your AC or your gas bills hike during winter, you probably need to replace your windows.

2. Improve Security and Safety

As a homeowner, you’re keen to ensure you and your loved ones are safe in your home. Imagine if a fire breaks out, and the only exit is your old windows which won’t open easily or are painted shut. Or maybe the window accidentally breaks creating sharp shards of glass as a severe safety hazzard for kids, pets and you.

To alleviate the safety hazard of your old windows, a window replacement is inevitable. Modern windows are easily operable to guarantee the safety of your loved ones. Also, unlike regular glass, the tempered glass breaks into many small chips, thus less likely to cause an injury.

Apart from safety, modern windows offer security. Upon impact, laminated glass is designed to remain intact without shattering to deter intruders. Also, newer windows feature security sensors, modern locking systems, and strengthened glass to improve security.

3. Enhance Curb Appeal

Replacing windows is traditionally overlooked as a remodel project as most homeowners are concerned with the interior fixtures and miss the value replacement windows can bring to the interior and exterior of your home’s aesthetics and overall design.  Replacing old, outmoded windows in your home adds a refreshed look outside and in, while complimenting all the other enhancements you may be making.   Windows are a natural focal point, and they significantly influence the overall appearance of your home.

Newer windows come in a variety of colors, shapes, styles, and materials to match your decorating taste.  With the right choice to complement your home’s style, you can dramatically improve its overall appearance. Whether it’s adding grilles, changing window style/color scheme or, accessorizing windows, you’ve got numerous ways to enhance the aesthetics.

Thus, if you feel your home’s look needs an update, windows replacement should be on top of the list.

4. Improve Comfort

There’re plenty of ways window replacement can help make your space comfier. From reducing ultraviolet rays, outdoor noise, hot spots, and cold drafts, new windows make your home a tranquil reserve. Replace your windows to make your home a favorite spot to rest, rejuvenate and spend time with loved ones.

You’ve probably encountered fading floors, furniture, and walls in your home due to sunlight, but you can’t completely block natural light into your home. Also, did you know more than 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers are attributed to UV exposure? By installing new windows with extra protection from sun rays, you not only keep your home safe but also your loved ones.

Old windows can cause high energy bills, excess noise, and discomfort in your home. However, replacing them with newer windows can help create a safe, secure, and more comfortable living space. The friendly team at 1st Choice Windows & Siding is here to help. Contact us for top-quality, professional window replacement.