4 Benefits of a Reading Nook Window Seat

May 13, 2020

As you upgrade the windows in your home, one design option to consider is a window seat. Window seats often create a natural reading nook to enjoy books, magazines, or just areas to relax. If you are considering a window seat area, consider the benefits and how you will use those benefits for years to come.

1. Room Size Expansion

A standard window goes flat up against the wall while a bay window expands outward and naturally creates the space to add a cushioned window seat. The windows typically curve to form a half arch shape, but some may feature a boxed design, which expands outward like a rectangle or square.

The seat will expand the use of the room and make the room feel larger. Add the window seat to different rooms in the home. For example, a window seat in a bedroom gives you a different place to relax, read, and nap beside the bed. In a living room space, the window seat not only provides a reading nook area but a place to sit and watch TV without the need to purchase extra furniture.

2. Natural Light Exposure

Not only does a room size feel larger, but windows in a reading nook area adds extra natural light to a room throughout the day. Extra natural light comes with advantages. For example, you will not have to use as much electricity in the room.

While you read and relax in the nook area, the natural light benefits these activities as well. Natural light often increases a person’s mood, focus, and happiness. Even just a little exposure in the sun on a daily basis is beneficial.

3. Storage Areas

While the natural light benefits are visual, other benefits are more hidden. A window seat gives you an opportunity for extra storage options. For example, you can often remove a cushioned top to reveal storage space directly under the seat.

You have two different ways to store the items. The seat could feature a flip-up storage space hidden in plain sight. You could also install drawers in the front of the seat. The drawers offer easier access so you do not have to move a cushion or pillows to access the storage area.

The storage you select depends on how often you need to access the storage space. If you access the area on a daily basis, the drawers are a better option. For long-term or seasonal storage, consider a hidden storage compartment.

4. Heating Options

During the cold winter months, a large reading nook provides a natural way to increase the heat in the room. When you install double- or triple-pane windows, the windows keep the cold air out but still allow sunlight into the room. The direct sunlight can help warm you up as you sit in the window. 

Choose various window options for the area, including large picture windows or smaller window panes. Both options come in various styles, including both double- and triple-pane options.

The natural heat from the sun not only warms you but also helps save on your overall heating needs for the whole room. You can save money on your heating bill and help reduce your home’s carbon footprint at the same time.

For more information on window installation, contact us at 1st Choice Windows & Siding. Our window professionals will help you select a window and plan out the best options for a new window seat. We look forward to speaking with you and meeting all your window needs. Please let us know about any specific questions or concerns you may have.